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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Dr. Stephen Schoenthaler, a Professor of Criminal Justice at the California State University in Stanislaus, has long argued that there is a link between a healthy diet and decreased aggressive behaviour, as well as with increased IQ and school performance.

Dr. Schoenthaler is well-known for a youth detention center study where violations of house rules fell by 37% when vending machines were removed and the cafeteria replaced canned food by fresh alternatives. He summarizes his findings by saying that “Having a bad diet right now is a better predictor of future violence than past violent behaviour.” In a very large test, Schoenthaler directed a study in meals at 803 New York City schools, in low-income neighbourhoods, finding that the number of students passing final exams increased by 16%.

Critics have questioned some of Dr. Schoenthaler findings, due to the lack of placebo control groups. However, more recent work by Dr. Bernard Gesch, a physiologist at the University of Oxford, has placed some of the work on a more scientific footing. Dr. Gesch found that nutrition supplements produced a 26% drop in violations of prison rules over a placebo, and a 37% decrease in violent offences. The Netherlands has embarked on a wider scale dietary research program in 14 prisons.

The short term behaviour consequences of ingesting sugar are well understood: an initial burst on energy, followed a sugar low in which your body produces adrenalin, which makes you irritable and explosive. However, Schoenthaler and Gesch suggest that there are long term impacts over and above the short term consequences of blood sugar variations.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Five passengers have died and more than a dozen are injured after a bus bound for Montreal from New York City crashed through a guard rail in upper New York state on Monday evening.

The Greyhound bus was heading north on Interstate 87 when it rolled over at around 6:45 pm before reaching Westport, New York, about half way between Albany and Montreal. Several passengers were still trapped two hours after the crash, according to the Plattsburgh Press Republican.

“All we did was try to comfort people,” said Plattsburgh Mayor Daniel Stewart. “I also did a lot of French to English translation for police. Many on the bus were tourists returning to Canada.”

The dead include a 16-year old boy and 34-year old man, both from Montreal, and a 69-year old woman from an undisclosed Canadian location. The other two victims are both from New York State including the bus driver.

Thirty-seven passengers were taken to Champlain Valley Hospital in Plattsburgh, New York, following the crash. Twenty-two were treated and released.

Two passengers were have been transferred to Montreal General Hospital where they are in intensive care. Four others are in stable condition.

Reports suggest that the bus crashed through a guard rail after passing a truck, went down an embankment and rolled at least twice before landing upside down. The rear and top of the bus were crushed and one of its back wheels was turned inward. According to Don Jaquish, deputy director of the Essex County, New York Emergency Services, many of the passengers were thrown out of the bus and landed on a grassy area nearby.

Major Richard Smith, Jr., of the New York State Police said that investigators believe a tire failure may have been a contributing factor in the crash. Survivors say they heard a loud bang before the bus lost control.

Smith said that 48 of the 52 passengers on the bus sustained injuries. Greyhound Bus No. 4014 had been due to arrive in Montreal at 9:10 pm. Many of the passengers are believed to be from the Montreal area.

The highway remained closed late Monday between Exits 30 and 31 in both directions.

Family members can call Greyhound at 1-800-972-4583 for more information.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Evan Wolfson, the founder of the modern gay marriage movement, tells the waiter he would like an iced decaf and “the usual.” Wolfson, one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People in the World, is a man who unflinchingly knows what he wants and stays his course, whether it be in his choice of restaurant or in his choice of battle. And others always know when they see Evan coming what it is that he wants.

Since his time at Harvard Law School when he wrote a paper on the topic, what Wolfson wants is the right for gay people to marry. The issue gained national prominence in 1993 when the Hawaii Supreme Court held in Baehr v. Lewin that the government had to show a reason for the denial of the freedom to marry, not just deny marriage licenses to the plaintiff gay couples. Wolfson was co-counsel in the historic 1996 Hawaii trial in which he argued that the government does not have a sufficient reason for excluding same-sex couples from marriage. In 1999, Wolfson contributed to Baker v. Vermont, the case that led to the creation of civil unions; advised the lead attorneys in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, the case that led to same-sex marriage in Massachusetts; and since 2003, when he founded the primary umbrella organization coordinating the efforts to win marriage for gay people, Freedom to Marry, Wolfson has played a role in every marriage equality case in the United States. He is the movement’s founder and leader, and his focus remains square on winning that right. “For years,” said Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, “many of us were saying to him, ‘We’re not ready. The country’s not ready. And, by the way, you’re crazy.'”

When I make a statement to him about his devoting his life to gay marriage, he corrects me: “I’ve played a part in cases that span the entire spectrum of eliminating gay people’s exclusions and limitations on who gay people are, and I’ve also written on immigration and economic justice, and I have worked on cases involving race discrimination in jury selection and women’s inequality. I don’t think one has to pick one of these things; they work together.”

Indeed, he has. Wolfson was lead counsel before the Supreme Court in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, the case arguing against the expulsion of gay scoutmasters. As an intrepid young assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, Wolfson worked on People v. Liberta to end the exemption that allowed women to be raped by their husbands legally, a right in New York State as early as 1984. And he helped end the practice of choosing jurors based upon their race.

Wolfson’s entire career has been at the center of the most explosive legal and cultural issues of the last 30 years in the United States, and his influence has been profound. David Shankbone sat down with him to discuss some of the recent decisions affecting gay marriage, gender in marriage and reactions in the gay community to his fight for their rights.


  • 1 Wolfson and gay marriage
  • 2 The gay community and marriage
  • 3 The Iowa and Maryland decisions
  • 4 Freedom to Marry’s role
  • 5 Domestic partnerships and civil unions
  • 6 Transgender people and marriage
  • 7 Sources
  • 8 External links
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Submitted by: Jeffery Reynolds

Many people go through financial setback during the course of their life. While some may suffer from a bad credit score, others become a victim to bankruptcy. Usually, a person faces either chapter a 7 bankruptcy or a chapter 13 bankruptcy. A chapter 13 bankruptcy is for debtors who can repay a certain portion of their debt with the help of a repayment plan. On the other hand, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is useful for debtors who possess little or no disposable income and wish to get rid of their excess unsecured debts.

Many people who file for bankruptcy think it is impossible to obtain additional financial assistance. Misconceptions cloud their thinking and it sways them from the real scenario. However, with the help of certain guidelines and the right mindset, you can obtain an auto loan for buying a ca

Buying a Car and Bankruptcy: Common Misconceptions to avoid

1) Misconception: I will not be eligible for an auto loan after bankruptcy.

Reality: Bankruptcy may be a temporary halt but it is not the end of your financial journey. The common misconception is that a person suffering from bankruptcy will not get approval for any loan. However, the reality is different. A bad credit auto loan is the best option available to individuals with bankruptcy. The probability of obtaining approval for a bad credit auto loan increases as the loan is designed for individuals with credit issues. Thus, put your efforts in researching for lenders who provide bad credit auto loans and getting your dream car will not seem like a distant dream.

2) Misconception: Bankruptcy ruined my credit score. Improving it is a challenge.

Reality: A credit score is made up of numerous factors such as the types of credit, amount of your debt, credit history and payment history. The situation of bankruptcy helps you to eliminate most of the elements that create a negative impact on your credit report. Additionally, the debt-to-income ratio of people after bankruptcy is better than the one prior to bankruptcy. Therefore, obtaining an auto loan is a chance to improve your credit score provided you make the payments on time.

3) Misconception: My purchase options are limited to used cars.

Reality: While it is advisable to be calculative in making future financial decisions, the options of purchasing the types of cars are not limited. A person who recently suffered bankruptcy is open to purchasing new cars as well as old cars. The best alternative to a used car is a discontinued car model. Purchasing a discontinued car model helps you to obtain a new car for a budget-friendly amount. Also, the car dealers are eager to sell the discontinued car model to free their shelf space. Therefore, a discontinued car model will help you stay in your budget and allow you to get your hands on a new car.

Today, bankruptcy does not carry the negative stigma that it carried two or three years ago. Many lenders are aware that bankruptcy occurs due to business failure, decrease in income, loss of a spouse or any other unexpected crisis. Yet, misconceptions occupy the minds of people and force them to avoid applying for an auto loan. However, with a little market knowledge, enough courage and the right mindset, you can get one step closer to the car of your dreams.

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and the bad credit auto financing expert will find you an affordable loan in no time. Get in touch with the company today to bring your favorite car home. Apply for subprime auto financing today.



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isnare.com/?aid=1968861&ca=Finances }

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A memorial service was held Friday for Javon Thompson, a toddler that died in Baltimore, Maryland, while under the care of a religious group called “1 Mind Ministries”. Thompson died in late 2006 or early 2007 in an apartment in West Baltimore. According to police statements, members of 1 Mind Ministries refused the boy food and water because he did not say “amen” after group meals. Police say the boy would have been about 19 months old when members of the group stopped feeding him in December 2006.

I loved this baby more than anything in my life.

The Baltimore Sun spoke with Seeta Khadan-Newton, Javon Thompson’s grandmother, at the funeral service which took place at March Funeral Homes in Northwest Baltimore. “I loved this baby more than anything in my life,” she said.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Khadan–Newton told them she had contacted Baltimore’s Division of Social Services at least four times between April and December of 2006 out of worries for Thompson’s wellbeing and location. DSS officials stated that they received only two phone calls, and the complaints about Thompson’s treatment were not enough to look into further.

WJZ-TV reported that “Queen Antoinette”, the 40-year-old leader of 1 Mind Ministries, allegedly concealed Javon Thompson’s body in a blanket and sprayed it with fabric softener to mask the odor before having a member of the group leave the body in a friend’s backyard shed in Philadelphia. According to police, members of 1 Mind Ministries placed Thompson’s remains in a suitcase and took it to Philadelphia in February 2007, where they left it with an elderly friend. Subsequently members of the group moved to Brooklyn, New York. Law enforcement authorities found the suitcase with Thompson’s remains in April 2008.

Ria Ramkissoon, 21, Thompson’s mother, and four others, have been charged with first-degree murder by Baltimore homicide detectives in connection with the boy’s death. The Associated Press reported that police charging documents state that Queen Antoinette instructed her followers to pray for Javon Thompson to be resurrected while he lay dead in the back room of the Baltimore apartment. An informant told police Queen Antoinette left Javon Thompson’s body in the back room of the apartment for over a week, and told her followers: “God was going to raise Javon from the dead”.

The members of this cult, who were more than twice her age, were calling the shots.

Ramkissoon’s mother and her attorney assert that she was brainwashed by the 1 Mind Ministries group and acted under the control of Queen Antoinette. “The members of this cult, who were more than twice her age, were calling the shots,” said Ramkissoon’s attorney Steven Silverman at a court hearing for his client. Inside the group, Ria Ramkissoon referred to herself as “Princess Marie”.

Court documents revealed that 1 Mind Ministries conducted operations in secret, did not believe in medical care and dressed in all-white clothing. Members of the group were referred to as “princes” and “princesses” by Queen Antoinette, also known as Toni Sloan or Toni Ellsberry. Documents also state that they viewed Javon Thompson as a “demon” for not saying “amen” after meals, that they stopped feeding him in December 2006, and did not seek out medical attention when the boy stopped breathing and died.

It fits the profile of a classic cult…

Rick A. Ross of The Ross Institute Internet Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements spoke with the Associated Press about the nature of the 1 Mind Ministries group, and asserted that it meets the definition of a “cult“. Ross has given expert testimony in cases related to controversial groups and has studied them for 26 years. Law enforcement officials also used the term to describe the 1 Mind Ministries group, specifically characterizing it as a “Christian fundamentalist cult”.

“It fits the profile of a classic cult in the sense that it’s a personality-driven group and that Queen Antoinette is that animating personality and central defining element of the group,” said Ross. He compared the group to others where children were killed because they did not follow the instructions of the group. The Ross Institute Internet Archives maintains a page about 1 Mind Ministries, which contains archived news articles, a photo of Queen Antoinette, and links to other resources.

Prosecutors in the murder case have also referred to the 1 Mind Ministries group as a “cult”, and said that members of the group would likely follow Queen Antoinette’s instructions during the trial. In a hearing August 13 where Queen Antoinette and group member Trevia Williams, 21, were denied bail, they both also refused legal representation from Baltimore public defenders, and both declined a preliminary hearing. “Chances are, the cult members are going to do what she tells them to do,” said Baltimore Assistant State’s Attorney David C. Chiu at the court proceeding. Ria Ramkissoon is being held in the psychiatric unit of a city jail in Baltimore, Queen Antoinette, Trevia Williams and group member Marcus Cobbs are also being held in jail in Baltimore, and federal officials in New York from the United States Marshals Service are searching for another member of the group.

This baby died so that they could be exposed.

Rev. Anna V. Nelson spoke to the family at the memorial service in Baltimore, saying: “I would like to think that this boy died for us. This baby has left a message here for the whole world. This baby died so that they [1 Mind Ministries] could be exposed.”

The memorial service ended with a presentation of video clips of Javon Thompson playing, being held by his mother, and finally watching the camera as a female voice says goodbye to him.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


  • 1 Issues
  • 2 Campaigns turn nasty
  • 3 Polling Problems
  • 4 Summaries by state
  • 5 Alabama
  • 6 Alaska
  • 7 Arizona
  • 8 Arkansas
  • 9 California
  • 10 Colorado
  • 11 Connecticut
  • 12 Delaware
  • 13 Florida
  • 14 Georgia
  • 15 Hawaii
  • 16 Idaho
  • 17 Illinois
  • 18 Indiana
  • 19 Iowa
  • 20 Kansas
  • 21 Kentucky
  • 22 Louisiana
  • 23 Maine
  • 24 Maryland
  • 25 Massachusetts
  • 26 Michigan
  • 27 Minnesota
  • 28 Mississippi
  • 29 Missouri
  • 30 Montana
  • 31 Nebraska
  • 32 Nevada
  • 33 New Hampshire
  • 34 New Jersey
  • 35 New Mexico
  • 36 New York
  • 37 North Carolina
  • 38 North Dakota
  • 39 Ohio
  • 40 Oklahoma
  • 41 Oregon
  • 42 Pennsylvania
  • 43 Rhode Island
  • 44 South Carolina
  • 45 South Dakota
  • 46 Tennessee
  • 47 Texas
  • 48 Utah
  • 49 Vermont
  • 50 Virginia
  • 51 Washington
  • 52 West Virginia
  • 53 Wisconsin
  • 54 Wyoming
  • 55 American Samoa
  • 56 District of Columbia
  • 57 Guam
  • 58 Virgin Islands
  • 59 Sources

As of 10:00 p.m EST November 8, 2006, the Democratic Party is projected to have gained control of both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate in the 2006 United States general elections. MSNBC projects that the Democrats now control 234 seats in the House of Representatives, 16 more seats than the 218 needed to control the House of Representatives as all 435 seats were up for election. In the Senate, where the balance of power is closer, one-third of all seats were up for grab. As of 10:00 p.m. EST, AP and Reuters were projecting that the Democrats had picked up all six seats they needed to retake the Senate, including the seats of incumbents Rick Santorum (Penn.), Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), Jim Talent (Missouri), Mike DeWine (Ohio), John Tester (Montana), and Jim Webb (VA). The Tester victory by less than 3,000 votes was projected at approximately 2 p.m. EST after the State of Montana announced the results of overnight recounts. Democrat Jim Webb has prevailed in that race by slightly more than 7,000 votes, though his opponent has not conceded and a recount may still occur.

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? June 7, 2010
June 9, 2010 ?
June 8

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Haylie S

If you are looking to buy slipper socks for your kids, PUDUS are a great option. Whether your child is an infant or a toddler, PUDUS have your slipper sock needs covered. With their fun colours, gripped bottoms, and fuzzy faux-fur lining, PUDUS keep your child’s feet stylish, safe, and warm.

The different colours and patterns of the PUDUS add personality to every pair. With blue and pink options, there are colours for boys and girls. There are choices in patterns as well. PUDUS have pairs of socks with hearts, stripes, and paw prints patterned on the outside. The PUDUS for infants and toddlers are irresistibly cute with their patterns, colours, and small size.

The grippers on the bottom are what make PUDUS really special. The non-skid grips on each pair are great for kids because they allow them to run and play in their PUDUS with a reduced risk of slipping. Indeed, slipper socks are a misconceived name for PUDUS, as their grip keeps your child’s feet planted on the ground without any added risk of slipping.

PUDUS are also fluffy and cozy. The faux-fur lining has great insulation capabilities and will keep your child’s feet warm in the winter. When it comes to warmth, the PUDUS slipper socks are the best socks for kids.

The faux-fur lining is so soft that you may become envious of your kids. None to fear for PUDUS come in adult sizes as well. And if you buy a pair for your kids, why not buy a pair for mom and dad too? Adult sizes also come with a choice of colours and patterns, and they have the gripped bottoms as well. There are PUDUS slipper socks for the whole family. PUDUS will wrap around your feet and keep them warm and comfortable all year, especially in the winter.

We Love our feet. Big feet, small feet, baby feet, all feet. They take us through life’s precious moments, help us stand taller and keep us firmly connected to the world we love. You may call it a foot thing, but we like to call it a love thing. It’s a warm and cozy, cuddle up comfort thing. That’s why we created PUDUS, the slipper sock made with the softest, fluffiest most comfortable lining guaranteed to wrap your precious feet in warmth and comfort – all day, all night. Feel connected. PUDUS silicone grippers provide special anti-slip traction for your safety and comfort. Relax. Be inspired. Slip on a pair of PUDUS slipper socks today. Our fabulous designs will leave you feeling like the very best version of you.

Discover PUDUS Love and bring your feet in from the cold.

For more information visit our website: https://www.ilovemypudus.com

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Haylie S is the Owner of Pudus Brand and part time blogger who like to put his review on various topics.

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What Makes Swiss Army watches So Special


Alfredofxx Guidosx

Watching making is an art that requires an extreme quantity of ability, dexterity, design, skill and quality. The watch enterprise is prospering regularly and the excellence in the art of watch making can solely be attributed to a couple countries. Manufacturing takes place all around the world, however the difference in high quality is kind of pronounced. Swiss watches are famous everywhere in the world, holding a particular place on this planet of elite class and displaying a persona of class and style.

The history behind Swiss watches dates again to the center of 16th century. On this period, reforms came to the field of jewellery too and wearing of other ornaments and pieces of jewellery. So, the watchmakers got here into the trade and created a revolution world wide by producing the world’s best high quality of watches in Geneva.

The enterprise further excelled and progressed and since a very very long time, watches have become a serious export commodity of Switzerland. On a median, it exports 60000 watches, and U.S and Hong Kong are its essential suppliers.

numerous features make the Swiss watch package a very superior quality and royally expensive watch. The specialty lies deep inside the name.. Because the years have handed, Swiss watches have proved their worth as well as value.

For a product to be fully established available in the market, it is extremely necessary for it to have a great repute and credibility among customers. This is one in all the many reasons that Swiss watches are special. With its deep rich historical past that dates back to 1514, one is bound to have numerous confidence in the product.

Secondly, the quantity of selection that the Swiss watches provide, attracts a great deal of clients and makes it distinctive and special. A few of the famend Swiss watchmakers, who indulge into the supreme process of manufacturing these watches, embrace Rolex, Cartier, Chopard, and Tag Heuer. Virtually 423 various kinds of luxury Swiss watches can be found so that you can view on the internet or in the shops. From the highly really helpful views, you will get to know which watch is the finest choice for you.

Any particular function relating to this unique watch is that it comes in totally different types. The variety provided for the convenience of the client further aggregates its specialties. Apart from the posh watches, there are sophisticated mechanical, excessive jewelry, pocket watches, quartz, mechanical chronographs etc.

The sturdiness issue can’t be ignored while speaking about a Swiss watch. It not solely requires less upkeep, but in addition is waterproof. Vigorous use of the watch is not really helpful, but when the straps put on out too quickly, the machinery does not give up work so easily. It comes with a very good high quality, excellent workmanship and guaranteed long life. Due to this fact, the specialty of those watches lies in all its elements from manufacturing to usage.

I was recently flummoxed upon reading an information article relating to a debut of an extremely luxurious Swiss Watch model inside the States, with prices starting at a recession breaking tag of $350,000 (speak about financial down turn!). I all the time drooled on the considered having one of those smooth TAG Heuer or Rolex officially certified chronometer watches, but that price ticket is royalty. Nevertheless, one does surprise about what’s with these watches. What makes them so special? You would possibly be nonetheless simply going to verify the time, then why is this business so distinctive?

To trace the answer, it’s a must to travel all the manner in which into the snowy Alps of Switzerland. It’s right here, in this small nation, that the distinctive brand tag of “Swiss made” is generated. The phrases “Swiss made” symbolizes an impression of class. Elevated methodological features, implication of precision, dependability, shock-resistance and water-resistance in addition to portentous sophistication and the creativity of their design are all present within that trademark, engraved on all Swiss Watches.

To fall within the league of “Swiss made” watches, the entire chain reaction of the watch from its idea, to design, to production, and all in-between must be carried out in Switzerland, including its final assessment, carried out by The Federation of the Swiss Watch Trade or FH for short.

Extensive onerous work, put in by the watch making corporations, has created an era after technology ritual of inborn price for the “Swiss made” trademark. Despite the actual fact that new excessive-standing manufacturers breed inside the nation day by day, nobody has transferred any a part of the work to every other part of world (this isn’t as straight ahead as an Apple iPod!)

Although the luxurious and high end market of watches has expanded all through the globe, and the Swiss are going through a tough competitors from rivals inside Europe and as well as here within the States, their matchless craftsmanship, infrastructure, their acquaintance with model, originality and guts to show off has stored them on high of the world, in the watch making industry.

There’s a frequent saying, “with fame comes a worth”, so, it’s fairly comprehensible why every day, every now and then, we come to see a duplicate of a watch, promoting for 10 times less the worth of its authentic counterparts. This makes the “Swiss made” label weak, and that’s where the FH (Federation of the Swiss Watch Trade) step again in the show. You see, it is the sole duty of the Federation to cease, stop and remove counterfeiting of all such trademarks; together with however not limited to, model names, designs, logos, etc.

Shoppers also needs to be on the lookout for such counterfeits. You should always purchase from an official licensed reseller of the model, and shouldn’t fall into the temptations of any outrageous offers, that sound disbelieving. This fashion, you may as well put in an element to save heaps of the heritage of “Swiss made” watches, and justification for a fair trade.

So, next time when you determine to invest into a piece of art, purchase a Swiss watch, because it a true masterpiece of its personal kind.

There are many who love watches and wouldn’t look forward to an occasion to purchase a time piece they discover exclusive and special. If you want to add one such time piece to your collection which you could put on anywhere plus which might final for years to return, you’ve got the Swiss Military watches.

These watches are in distinction to some other simple watches. Swiss Army watches are fitted with all of the features you can use throughout your energetic day. These watches are one of the crucial coveted watches ever. Glossy, fashionable and durable is how one can describe these. No surprise it is the dream of every man to personal a minimum of one such watch.

Swiss military watches are fitted with chronograph motion; this implies it has a cease watch or a timer which can be set in preserving with what you require. It comes in handy within residence, in workplace and at the playground. Virtually in all places you’ve one thing or the other that could use some reminding.

One other useful feature is the water-resistant capacity up to100 meters. So you possibly can bounce inside water without having to hassle about your watch and its functioning. All the pieces about this military watch is macho. It stays in a stainless steel physique, making it absolutely secure, so far you do not smash the glass, this watch works great for a long time.

Eradicating and becoming in the battery is simple enough. With the screw in case back it turns into all of the more simpler to take away and change batteries. If this is not sufficient you will discover date place within the watch at four o clock which makes it less complicated to view it. additionally, you will discover the Swiss Military brand at 12 O Clock and another brand on the stainless-steel buckle.

There is nothing fancy in regards to the watch, although its capabilities are far more and higher than those watches. You will discover the Swiss Military watch as a superb one to own, it will possibly final for years if used properly. Its water-proof functionality saves you against problems that happen when watches are exposed to water. You can find these watches as most hassle free and useful.

On-line you’ll find a huge vary of Swiss Military watches at low cost prices, each one with its unique characteristics and special features, these watches are certainly value it.

The Author is an essayist and has composed abundant posts on the web. Some of his works contains a piece of writing on the subject of

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What Makes Swiss Army watches So Special


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Friday, September 15, 2006

BT Global Services this week laid out its vision for the next three years: its revenues to double in the USA, Japan, India and China, and £400m of annual savings, achieved through offshoring and slashing its procurement costs. £200m of this will come from a reduction in what it spends on technology from vendors on large systems integration projects.

CEO Andy Green admitted that BT had been slower than rivals such as IBM and Accenture to ramp up its offshore headcount. But he claimed that BT Global Services is thriving as the fastest-growing division within BT. He said that the division was outperforming its closest rivals, T-Systems, Orange Enterprise and AT&T Enterprise, which had all posted revenue declines for the most recent quarter. He said BT was fast becoming a familiar brand to businessmen in New York, Tokyo, Mumbai and Shanghai.

He disclosed a few revenue figures not revealed before. For the financial year ending March 2006, UK revenues rose just 2% to £5.5bn, while overseas revenues shot up 48% to £3.3bn. And of the £8.8bn total revenue, £1.6bn was captive work for its parent, while of the remaining £7.2bn, 18% came from the UK government sector and 17% from financial services. BT said it still harbours ambitions to conquer America, despite the failure of the ‘Concert‘ partnership with V in the 1990s.

In a separate story, BT announced it has chosen Chinese vendor ZTE to develop a dual-mode handset — 3G and DAB-IP — for launch by its BT Movio subsidiary next year. DAB-IP (in other words, IP over the DAB digital radio network) will enable BT Movio to broadcast four TV channels at acceptable quality to the handset. 3G will enable video-on-demand, so that the users can specify what video clips or programmes they wish to watch. UK legislation specifies that no more than 30% of the DAB spectrum can be used for non-radio purposes, so BT is lobbying for more DAB spectrum to be released, to enable higher quality video and/or more TV channels.

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