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Don’t be a Jerk to the Vape Shop When FedEx Delays the Delivery of Your Package


Aditya Mishra

I realize this appears like an insane idea in this age of customer service and accountability, but just pause for a moment and think, that there are a shitload of bundles that are being requested and the logistics services have a tendency of delaying delivery and even losing packages in transit due to no fault of the vape store. Why can’t you make an effort and plan around it, and not lash out at the company which shipped your order on time?

I realize that your friend’s dad once shouted at the customer service executive of some organization over the telephone and got a full refund on the grounds that the organization was to be blamed for the mess up and was liable to pay the cash to get him to shut up, yet most vape stores online are small organizations starting up in a big industry. They can’t give you free cash whenever you decide you need them to. Maybe the likes of Amazon can bear to, on the grounds that they are a huge company with loads of money and they can spend in excess on logistics. Your most loved Vape store may not have that sort of impact (yet).

Stop purchasing items from online resellers who lower the price marginally

The most difficult part of doing business online is that there is some douche bag who will offer the item at a slightly lower cost which doesn’t make a significant difference on the pocket of the buyer but influences their decisions. The second most serious issue is that gullible clients will purchase from them to spare that unimportant measure of cash who’ll forget them after selling the product and sometimes even ship faulty articles. As an online vape store, you’re then compelled to just squander endless hours on the web portals to check whether somebody is selling at a lower price and then figure out how to match up your cost.

Additionally, here’s the thing, companies who need to turn to undermining strategies are doing so because they don’t have other things such as quality, service, etc. going for them and price is the only way they can inspire individuals to burn money on their shitty products. On the off chance that you do purchase from them, you will not get any client benefit that you’re entitled to, anyway.

Don’t Leave One Star Reviews Because of Logistical Delays

We get it. You’re frantic because the world didn’t oblige to your last minute plans and your package got delayed by two or three days. How could you and almost every other person on the planet not get the extraordinary and unique treatment by the logistics services?

Believe me; most logistics services realize that everybody needs their package on time. Online Vape Stores treat most of their clients equally and will get your package shipped as quickly as time permits. There is no exceptional treatment for being a douchebag customer who irritates customer support executives and wastes their time with continued calls and messages.

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