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Internet Marketing How to gain more benefits from the best basic Home based businesses of origin


Charles Michel

Make sure you are realistic when planning your home based business, if you can only work at it part-time, that is fine, just do not try doing everything at once, set yourself a couple of hours a day if you can, take your time and learn at your own pace. To be successful you are going to have to work hard, set yourself goals, be committed and determined, it’s a new business, no one said it was going to be easy.

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A best home base business that is not turning a profit yet can be a trickier creature to handle. Giving up means that you are loosing the potential for a new income stream. It’s not always the right long term decision.

You must have some qualities or skills to be successful in your home business or anything for that matter. Hence please spend some time analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. You will want to capitalize on the former and minimize the affects of the latter. For example, if you are a good communicator or have a presentable personality, then you might want to handle public relations or customer support section of your business. If you are good with numbers and also possess knowledge of any accounting software, then you might become your own accountant and leave the communication part to someone else. Of course if you are good at more than one or two skills then nothing likes it, but always try to concentrate on your strengths and apply them in your business.

Hence a best home based business becomes an obvious choice for all those who want to work from home, become their own boss, and start a business with very little start up cost.

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Internet Marketing How to gain more benefits from the best basic Home based businesses of origin }

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After the manchu young men and women, love with a “before marriage and the procedures, namely the man,” the woman’s house to watch girl mother looks, ask age, and reviewing relevant situations of the girl.If all aspects satisfaction, the man the mother would send a present to the woman’s family, marriage even determined.A few days before the wedding, the man home will give the woman’s family sent advertising (known as GuoLi).The more lucrative advertising generally, clothes, jewelry, vessels and cash, etc.By day, the bride married with niang company, in litters or ride to the man through great apartment house in advance where near, called “living”, the second day lay by the man in stayed place bride.This custom comes from the qing troops in history for many years, the elder don’t return, the manchus girl married to barracks near first in barracks, need to borrow room shack, as time passes, then become a common, now that the custom has changed in the woman’s house, to marry.

Married the day by parents and children, the elder women with bed decorate bridal chamber, the quilt, after placing dates, peanuts, around longan, chestnuts, take its early birth of a healthy baby of Italy, then put one flexibly in quilt middle or apple.Meanwhile in bridal chamber music, called ring room within.Xi litters pack rob very beautifully, and in the yard, called light litters.

Wedding day by the elders, the bridegroom bride escorting the woman’s house, accompanied by the woman’s house after KouTou to new in-laws, can bride returning home.Belted out, the music is all ready, the suona banging away to keep the car carried to the bridal chamber starwood.Into the bridal chamber to represent a brazier before, the bride’s xi axle after allegedly from braziers to ward off evil spirits. This isXi, the car door to bridal chamber to hand car, the door that archer, shoot three arrows, better known as arrows after bride, you can shoot, the bride bride after car under a car, someone GongChou pierced installed inside the mouth, the vase (known as corn grains on the bride hand vase.Then placed in the gateway from above, and let the bride saddle across the past.When the bride in bed, the bridegroom can remain after the girl head uncovered cooker.By this time, the bride and groom left female right according to male sitting position, a new bed together held by elders sat his ritual: the groom’s right skirt of women in the bride’s left pressure skirts, then the bridegroom bride drink JiaoBeiJiu, eat pasta, with containing rawness son of idea.

And then also held a meeting to the bride and bridegroom ritual: bride, ancestors, parents and their elders, couples to worship.Night also have NaoFang custom.During the reception, men and women both parties are large banquet guests at home, friends and guests, accepting congratulations.

There is the manchu wedding fixed and more tedious etiquette, scattered around the process of manchu wedding in a slightly, but the total process can be divided into: and notice, send small ritual, advertising, wedding had four doors of five parts.Manchu nationality customs

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The development of manchu in long in the process also formed its own unique marriage customs, its connotation is very rich.By the man first commonly manchu married with her good day, choose a consultation, and finally by son-in-law hit it off from the NvGu “with a gift to send day”, and then the agreed dowry produce, send to prepare NvGu, called “gift” or “after advertising”.1 day, before marrying the two apart, the man on the road is NvGu nearby chosen to generation of stay in, says lay a place “.”NvGu 1 day ahead accompanied the bride, the relatives womenfolk and arrived in “rate” will be sent to moreshethgath family.

Married, 3 days to be formally practiced family.The first day for “kill pig” and kill pig, killing chickens, borrow tableware, dozen tents etc preparations.The next day as “bright litters” or “go litters”, afternoon near carried sedan loops around the, reception, groom the guest it sent ShangFen ancestors.The third day for “Kim has”.In the morning, the groom PiGongDaiHua, accompanied by drum in the groomsman play, by car or riding the bride CaiJiao or lead to NvGu or “floats, rate” yingqin.Generally speaking yingqin team are in the days when not yet light all the way the team were about to set out, banging away, let everyone know the bridegroom bride escorting, based in the bridegroom go out, the bride at home bride escorting also do some preparation, the main one is the bride elders and QuanFu people give her dress, and also an important content of the neck, with lock off back to introduced.the.At the beginning of life and to hang on neck auspicious locks, parents for their children to grow up healthy and blessing, now want to get married daughter leave the lock and expressed the daughter of gratefulness to parents is reluctant and under immense gratitude, meanwhile solution the lock, also marks the girls from adult, indicates the beginning of new life.

Banging away festive party all the way to the bride, head DaiGong hejaab by brother or uncle back, and escorted to the man sedan at home.Under the car, the bridegroom will before hanging in the car bow and arrow, build on took down arrows to the sedan to shoot three arrows, archery even means to bring the evil. All drivesArchery reflect the manchu is a hunt national, after thousands of years of development and evolvement of retained the old customs.The bride, after about under the car to foot supported life, the symbol of red felt all walk forever bonanza.Then the bridegroom bride with the ChengGan will uncover and throw to covering a roof to pile satisfactory marriage so ascended the devas.The hair of stroke a fondle bride, then touching her head, to show couple

In the yard and the table of the mantle with honors.New era in the heaven and earth to worship, desk called “bride”.A bride, two worship to worship in-laws couples.Worship the heaven and earth, must pass before entering bridal chamber of the future, meaning a brazier day thriving;Also, as a deputy saddle across safely. Honestly small familyAfter entering bridal chamber, is want to sit account, also called “sit f”, the so-called “sit f” is actually “take axe” will a new axes in bedding, the couple sit above under, meaning sit enjoy happiness.Children at the side will take peanuts, big jujube, chestnuts in kang, dried fruit such as Isaac, jujube add chestnut says early birth of a healthy baby, peanut is that future bride, male and female and baby girl born male.Bridal chamber has an important content, is drink JiaoBeiJiu, in addition to eat some food thing, some noodles, symbolize longevity;Some people eat dumplings, dumplings symbol to the rawness early birth of a healthy baby;And eat with bean, meat, rice cooking, symbolizing family prosperity and family prosperity.

Wedding coming into the climax, from sainted family of old in the yard for the new sang the song “secret was o, cloth is the close marriage song, people wine and food into the air JiGao to heaven, and wish the bride and groom close close meimei, wishes to extend the whole families.

At noon NvGu sprinkled feast to guests, called “respect for the customer” kiss.The groom to its parents to greet, groom toast x pro.The bride and groom a toast to worship in accordance with table guests banquet.After dinner, the bride for lang family relations “pack smoke”, lighting up (fire), the relatives shall return “pack smoke money”.At night, the bridegroom equals the custom of men and women, have chamber with the bride and groom, eat, make, ShuaXiao, until late at night.Nine days after marriage, the “back nine” newlyweds su2, carry wine, sugar, fish, vermicelli, etc HuiBai gift to four color home.Called “accounted for nine”.

Manchu marriage custom has abundant cultural connotation, it is the manchu for thousands of years of rich and colorful an epitome of social life from one side, it reflects the characteristics of the manchu culture.

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