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CAN SMELL AND FEEL A DISTINCTION ….!!!!! very positive experience and highly recommend Review by James C. in La center, WA Project: Clean Heating & Cooling Air Ducts & Vents Expert and personal service. Scheduled appointment for next day. The team was careful when cords and hoses were in my house not rubbing or scraping against the wall or floor. Really polite friendly service. Informed me on each and every step of the method and let me observe some of the function whilst explaining what they had been doing. My family and I already can smell and feel a difference within the air high quality in our house. Competetive pricing but a significantly necessary investment as a home owner and father. Your air can by no means be too clean.

EXTREMELY RESPONSIVE.!!!! AAAA+ My client thought they had been quite responsive and skilled. They known as me just minutes following the request was sent out.

FRIENDLY RELIABLE SERVICE!! Review by Jasmine S. in Yacolt, WA Project: Clean Heating & Cooling Air Ducts & Vents friendly reliable service. had been on time and kept me updated on what they had been performing. answered my pestering 6 and 4 year old boys questions with a smile! would highly recommend to a friend, neighbor or relative

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VERY CONSCIENTIOUS, AND FRIENDLY!!! ***** Project: Clean Heating & Cooling Air Ducts & Vents The project was completed excellently. 3 men showed up for the function and they worked efficiently all the way via for the whole five hours. I have 28 vents and 5 returns. While they had been still working on the job, the air started to smell better. I had a enormous difficulty with raccoons living within the crawl space, even though pest control guys had been able to get rid of them the smell still stayed. Matt, the owner, offered to repair vent openings with minor charges. Their charges are the very best in town. The crews were knowledgeable, extremely conscientious, and friendly. I would use them again and highly suggest their service. KS, Lake Oswego

REALLY SHOULD HAVE WENT WITH BETTER AIR NW “Wish I would have went with Better Air NW. My gut instinct was to do so until I heard a bundle price with Aegis. NEED TO have went with my Gut as I’m certain Better Air NW would have completed a better job”

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Better Air NW is actually a local family owned and operated business with our heart and soul dedicated to supplying the finest service expertise. Our step by step procedure is explained proper upfront although exceeding your expectations becomes our number 1 objective. Air Duct cleaning is an essential procedure to make certain cleaner air, decreased energy expenses, and reduction of airborne allergens and household dust. We are pleased to service the Portland, Vancouver areas and no Air Duct Cleaning job is too large or too tiny. We are excited to guarantee your air duct cleaning satisfaction to our neighbors within the Portland and Vancouver areas. Call 503-490-9542 or We use state of the art equipment for the very best results.

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Robotic Pool Cleaners



Robotic pool cleaners are automated, electrically-powered vacuum cleaners that remove sediment and debris from swimming pool surfaces. These cleaners operate independently of the pool’s filtration system and program themselves to clean in a time and energy efficient pattern.


Designed to clean swimming pools automatically, robotic pool cleaners are mechanical units that consist of a motor, a pump and a processor. Powered by low-voltage electricity from a small transformer, these cleaners can be plugged into regular outlets and don’t require any additional equipment such as hoses or external pumps. The electricity from the transformer drives the unit’s motor which controls the vacuum’s locomotion and suction. As an electrical pool cleaner moves around a swimming pool, it draws dirt, dust and other debris inside the unit where it is then strained through the vacuum’s built-in filter. These built-in filters are reusable and easy to clean, providing great pool maintenance convenience.

Robotic pool cleaners also contain onboard computer chips which provide a variety of extra functions. For example, some such computer chips allow the cleaning units to diagnose internal problems and to familiarize themselves with the shape of a particular swimming pool. Advanced robotic pool cleaners provide a number of different programming options and will also program themselves to clean the pool in a pattern that allows for the fastest and most efficient cleaning.

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Although typically more expensive than other types of pool cleaners, robotic cleaners offer many advantages. Many electrical pool cleaners come with remote controls, which enhance the convenience of these automated pool vacuums. With the help of a remote control, the movement of a robotic cleaner can be directed from the comfort of a pool-side chair. This is particularly useful and convenient when cleaners are being used for touch-ups or spot cleaning jobs.

In addition to excellent convenience, automated electrical pool cleaners scrub pool bottoms, walls and steps, and are particularly efficient at removing dirt and small debris. These cleaners will even scrub along the tile lines of tiled swimming pools. Moreover, the powerful pump contained within the unit helps to circulate the heat and chemicals in the water for reduced chemical and heating costs as well as for a more balanced aquatic environment.

Since electrical pool vacuum cleaners contain their own pump and operate independently of the pool’s filtration system, they don’t exert any potentially damaging back pressure on the pool’s filter. Furthermore, using a robotic pool vacuum means that the pool’s filter doesn’t need to run as often, which translates to electricity savings and reduced energy costs.

< b>Types

While robotic pool cleaners are available in many different models, there are two main types of such units — those designed to clean above ground swimming pools and those designed for in ground swimming pools.

Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaners

Above ground robotic pool cleaners are designed specifically for use in above ground pools and come in many different styles and models. Many of these units will work in above ground pools of a variety of shapes, including round, rectangular and oval pools. Robotic pool cleaners for above ground swimming pools will remove algae, dirt, leaves and other debris while aiding with chemical and heat distribution. Many above ground robotic pool cleaners have specially designed wheels which prevent damage to the pool lining and allow the vacuum unit to move easily over wrinkles and ripples in vinyl linings. Electrical pool cleaners will also work well on different pool bottoms, from flat pool bottoms to dished bottoms.

In Ground Robotic Pool Cleaners

In ground robotic pool cleaners are specifically designed to remove dirt and debris from in ground swimming pools of many different shapes and sizes. From concrete to tile, fiberglass or vinyl swimming pools, there are robotic vacuum cleaners available to suit the cleaning requirements of every type of in ground pool. In the case of tiled pools, in ground robotic pool cleaners will even scrub the tile lines for a truly spotless finish. Many models of this type of pool vacuum cleaner even have the capability of manoeuvring around ladders and scrubbing walls and steps.


Both above ground and in ground robotic pool cleaners are available in a wide variety of styles and models from a number of respected manufacturers. For example, popular models include units such as the AquaVac by Hayward Pool Products, the Nitro in ground robotic cleaner and the Dolphin Diagnostic robotic swimming pool vacuum. These and other leading models are available from online and in-store distributors of pool maintenance products such as, the Aquabot Store and AmeriMerc.

James Claypool is experienced specialist in pool supplies including robotic pool cleaners. He describes different types and brands of robotic pool cleaners to help you select right equipment for your swimming pool.

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